Distinguish between random and directed cell migration using CellDirector Opal

Using CellDirector assays gives you the possibility to analyse cell responses in real-time with full control of the chemotactic environment.
In addition, CellDirector assays will also generate the following data on migrated cells:

These data cannot be provided by Boyden type migration assays.

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Human neutrophil chemotaxis in a gradient of IL-8 in CellDirector® Opal

CellDirector Opal is an easy-to use assay, generating stable and well-established gradients instantaneously upon experiment initiation. CellDirector assays give the possibility to record the migration paths of individual cells within stable gradients as well as control
regions, generating results of the highest quality. Here, we demonstrate how a single experiment with CellDirector Opal produce
results that confirm that interleukin-8 (IL-8) potently induces chemotaxis of human neutrophils.

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VenaT4, new microflow transwell chamber

Following continued demand for more physiologically relevant models suitable for chemotaxis, transmigration and invasion assays, we present the new VenaT4™ biochip.

The unique design of our VenaT4 biochip with 4 micrcapillaries in parallel contains an embedded microporous membrane (pore sizes:  2 - 10 µm) within the biochip. This enables flowing cells to adhere to ECM-ligand coated microchannels and subsequently transmigrate through the micropores to the underlying microwell.

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